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img4At Cure Yourself Now, our goal is to help people who are struggling with foot pain. We specialize in providing YOU with a thorough understanding of plantar fasciitis treatment and plantar fasciitis exercises.

If you are interested in gaining the knowledge that you need to heal yourself, then you have come to the right place. Foot pain can really wear you down. We want to help you return to living a normal, happy and PAIN-FREE life.

We have specialized in treating foot pain and plantar fasciitis for over 2 decades!
We have reviewed the literature.
We have analyzed peer-reviewed research.
We have scrutinized the internet.

We have put together the ONLY comprehensive protocol for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. We want to show you how YOU can help yourself.

Get your life back

Unfortunately, there is NO quick fix for plantar fasciitis.

You NEED the right program of specific plantar fasciitis exercises and plantar fasciitis treatment to alleviate your pain. If you suffer from foot pain in the morning, heel pain after running, or heel pain during your daily activities then we have the answers that you are looking for.