Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

I have added a page on our physical therapy website at that provides a comprehensive explanation and videos of the benefits and effects that a class IV deep tissue therapy device provides. In a nutshell, the laser uses photon energy to stimulate chemical reactions at the cellular level. Research has demonstrated an increase in metabolism, a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in pain, and an acceleration of healing at the treatment site. In other words, the application of laser in combination with our manual therapy and exercise techniques is getting our patient better even FASTER! It has also been extremely beneficial to conditions that have NOT been responsive to our traditional physical therapy interventions.

Check out this laser testimonial:
“I suffered with the pain of plantar fasciitis for almost 10 months before I sought treatment. Traditional physical therapy resulted in a small measure of relief but when deep tissue laser therapy was introduced I felt dramatic results in just the first few treatments. Non-invasive, 6 minutes and significant pain reduction. – I highly recommend this therapy!”
-Mimi Knittle

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