The internet has made it possible for us to help people who simply cannot travel to see us.  This has opened a door of opportunity such as Skype to allow us to perform an online consultation and/or a Wellness and Functional Movement Assessment.

At OrthoWell, we provide many specialized services that make us leaders in the field of physical medicine. Our expertise in biomechanical and gait assessment as well as comprehensive evaluation is invaluable in terms of maximizing results in minimum time. With the help of Skype, we can evaluate, educate, and demonstrate all on-line.

Your session will last for 30 minutes. It can include  a verbal consultation and/or a complete Wellness & Functional Movement Assessment. We can have you perform various movements that can assist us in determining the cause of your pain or dysfunction. We can perform a static and dynamic gait analysis as well. We can upload home exercise pictures or instructional material directly into Skype.

The cost of a 30 minute session is $70. That’s it!

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