Stay Fit &PainFree is one of the wellness programs offered here at OrthoWell. It is an affordable and effective option to maintain the results achieved in physical therapy. It is also a great option for general conditioning in order to keep muscles pliable in between or prior to physical activity.

Stay Fit and Pain Free is a program which includes a 20 minute manual therapy session with one of our qualified physical therapist followed by a prescribed exercise and self mobilization routine.

Your first visit will include a biomechanical evaluation to determine an appropriate maintenance plan of care and appropriate manual therapy interventions.

Your follow up sessions will include as stated, 20 minutes of manual therapy that may include Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Orthopedic Manual Therapy techniques, or even Pain Reflex Release Techniques that are all described in great detail on our website. Manual therapy will be followed by either a static stretching program, self mobilization using foam rollers or massager sticks, and active dynamic stretching techniques.

We offer this service for 70 dollars per session. It includes 20 minutes with a licensed PT followed by 30-40 minutes of supervised exercise in our clinic with the physical therapist and a physical therapy trainer.

If you haven’t listened to our CD on “Why Personal Trainer are NOT Physical Therapists” then do it now. It’s FREE!

It’s important to choose the most qualified practitioner to optimize your health and wellness. We want to guide you and be your coach. Let us help!

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